Parecidos Razonables: Amarillo / Emaar


La ciudad tejana Amarillo presentó su nuevo logo represetativo de el 9 de Noviembre de 2013.


City of Amarillo Unveils New Logo
Posted on Nov 11, 2013

Amarillo, TX – In conjunction with the City’s Charter Centennial Celebration which kicked off with a gala Saturday, November 9 at the Rick Husband International Airport, a new branding campaign was unveiled, setting the course for the City’s next 100 years.

The new image and identity for the City was designed based on input from focus groups, individual interviews with Amarillo citizens and an online survey that was open to the entire public. The research was conducted by Double U Marketing, who also submitted the new slogan, “Open Spaces Endless Opportunities.”

All of the artwork for the new logo was produced by City staff. Two city departments researched the artwork to avoid duplication with any similar mark, and at the time did not find any similarities. However, despite this due care, it has now been brought to our attention that our logo bears a clear resemblance to that of an overseas company. That was certainly not the intention and was not discovered until after the new logo was unveiled.

The City has initiated contact with the company will provide more information as it becomes available.

No pasó mucho tiempo para que alguien alzara la mano y dijera que se parecia mucho a:


El logo original pertenece a una empresa de bienes raices basada en Dubai llamada Emaar, cuya imagen fue registrada en EUA desde 2006.

Evidentemente esto no es un parecido razonable, es sin duda un plagio vil.