#EscuchAndo |Dawes – Now That It’s Too Late, Maria



The flicker of the candle looks like a one way conversation
Reacting to something nobody else could see
While I sit at the table and relive the whole situation
Until the valet who wants to go home
Comes in and gives me my keys
And tonight every single star is shining
The power lines all sizzle and buzz
And now that it’s too late, Maria
I see it all for what it was

There’s nothing sadder than a streetlight
Shining on a stretch of empty sidewalk
Or maybe the fog that I’ve been living in
Has lifted for the first time in weeks
Every day’s been a step forward perfecting the art of the small talk
So I never have to say something I might really mean
But I remember all those final words that you told me
How I was too green to be blue
But now that it’s too late, Maria
I can see how that was true

Now when I am in your city
I come across the company you’ve been keeping
They all hit it off so well with some infamous ghost of my past
It’s so hard to imagine what you could have possibly told them
Some wonder how I’m doing but most don’t even ask
But now every single door stands open
I even signed some autographs
And now that it’s too late, Maria
We can both look back and laugh

There’s always more to say but I’m just skipping to the ending
When you move back to Texas and
I meet a girl who wants to change her name
When we both start to forget the problems
That were never worth having
And everybody goes on living watching nothing really change
There will always be a part of you that’s with me
And you sure as hell had better feel the same
And now that it’s too late, Maria

There is no one here to blame

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