Diseño de Personajes

Via Smashing Magazine tenemos esta colección de personajes:

Gaston Caba
Gaston Caba is a famous illustrator from Buenos Aires, Argentina. These 2 guys are original mascot designs for the Adidas Original Diesel Denim launch party in Shanghai.

Eyeport is Lee Hasler, an illustrator from Great Britain. Eyeport illustrates uncanny isometric characters with unique style and strong colors.

The Beast is Back
The beast is Christopher Lee from the US. The beast has a super cool method of adding volume to characters thus breathing life into them.

Christian Montenegro
Christian Montenegro is worldwide famous for his breathtaking visual language. He published a stunning book called “The Creation” (a must buy!) and he works with magazines from all over the world.

Mar Hernández
Mar Hernández aka malota is a young artist from Spain. Her works are filled with brilliant characters – don’t miss the Greenville short in her portfolio.

KHUAN+KTRON are two super talented designers from Belgium. Their work revolves around drawing up a universal iconographic language system.

Matias Vigliano is a part of Doma collective. He designs plush and vinyl dolls, limited edition posters, books and more…

Eugene and Louise bakery
Eugene and Louise bakery is dreams come true, a bakery filled with characters made from chocolate, marzipan, cupcakes and milk.

MEOMI is Vicki Wong (Vancouver) and Michael Murphy (LA). Meomy are the authors and illustrators of the Octonauts children’s books series and the mascots for the Vancouver Winter Olympic Games.

Colorblok is a company directed by Juliana Pedemonte. Colorblock are into character and motion graphic design for various clients such as MTV, VH1 and Nickelodeon.